The Late Movies: ANTS!!!

Chris Higgins

For your viewing pleasure, I've rounded up some awesome videos of ants in captivity. It's amazing to see what those little guys (um, I mean primarily sterile females) are doing when we're not watching. Also, the technical term for an "ant farm" (meaning a true captive habitat for ants, not a toy) is: Formicarium.

Leafcutter Ants - San Diego Zoo

A brief intro to leafcutter ants from Paige Howorth of the San Diego Zoo.

Leafcutter Queen Ant

From someone's personal colony, this video demonstrates how huge the queen is in relation to worker ants.

Beautiful Lasius Niger Colony

These ants have built an elaborate system of chambers in which to, you know, have ant parties. It's awesome.

Sending Ants Through the Mail

This video shows how a queen ant is packaged and delivered via mail, then introduced to her new environment. It's surprisingly similar to the process used to send tropical fish through the mail. The key is to let the ants find their own way out of their shipping containers.

Ant Superhighway

This ant colony has tubes connecting parts of it. It's mesmerizing watching the little traffic jams form and disperse. The video's author writes:

I made that myself. And this is definitely not the best view of the nest. I bred the colony from a queen I caught in the south of France. It is the fifth ant farm for that colony (you have to give them more space everytime.)

Formicarium Nest Creation

A bit creepy due to music, but certainly interesting. At the end the queen arrives -- note her size.

Ants Like Honey

This colony of Myrmica rubra came out of their container and headed for a "honey watering hole," while the queen and some workers proceeded to make their way below ground.

Got Any More Ant Videos?

Share your favorite ant videos in the comments! (See also: inside a giant ant colony; The Brutal Lives of 6 Scary Ant Species; Taking Driving Lessons from Ants; and Not Your Grandma's Ant Farm!)