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At the Libraries: Your Weekly Round-Up

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

Well faithful readers, I am back from the ALA conference in our nation's capital. I saw Russell Freedman, Avi, Kadir Nelson, and Carolyn Mackler, to name a few authors. Of course, I missed Mo Willems and the Ace of Cakes guy. I did get to meet Super Chicken Nugget Boy, so that was a highlight. At the end of this week's column, you'll find the little video I made at ALA. Hope you like it! If you watch until the end you will see the reaction of a USA fan upset by the results of the World Cup game -- I was pretty happy I caught that on tape! [Photo courtesy of Flickr user leis18.]
A reader turned me on to a great blog called Love the Liberry, filled with ridiculous questions public librarians are asked. Here's a recent post:

Concerns High school guy-- I have some concerns about the computer. Me-- What sorts of concerns? HSG-- It won't type Roman numerals. Me-- What number are you trying to type? HSG-- 2. Me-- I tell him you just need to type two capital i's. HSG-- I did the capital i, but it wasn't happenin.

The tagline is "Stranger than fiction...we couldn't possibly make these things up." All in a day's work!

There was a booth at ALA that had a raffle for an iPad. Of course, I entered and madly crossed my fingers (no luck). But here's the iPad ad, refigured for public libraries. I don't need an iPad, I just want one—but we all need public libraries!
We've seen a lot of gorgeous domestic libraries lately, but how about going global? Here are a couple state libraries -- you can see how different they all are architecturally, but I'm sure their missions are all similar!

In Vienna...

...and in Greece.
We've got another Newport! Tracy in Colorado pointed out that the Jackson County (AR) Library in Newport is doing great stuff this summer, and I can't help but agree. Ginormous Bubbles? (opens PDF) I'm sold!
A call to arms, perhaps? The President of the New York Public Library, Paul LeClerc, argues at HuffPo that now more than ever, people need public libraries, and usage is up. Agree or disagree here.
Like Jane Austen? Of course you do! If you're near the Sacramento (CA) Public Library, be sure to check out their series, How Austentatious!, going on now through November.
Keep sending me your library's upcoming events, and any other library stuff you want to share. And if you have some great pics from ALA, I'd love to see those, too!

(And I feel compelled to mention that while I was working on this post this afternoon, a nine-year-old girl peed at the kids' desk in my library, because she couldn't hold it any longer. Poor thing. Not the first time, friends, and certainly not the last.)
And now, here's what I saw at ALA:

Email Miss Kathleen to let her know what your library is up to— See previous installments of At the Libraries here.

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