The Haiku Elevator

Chris Higgins

Here's a Haiku which, according to commonly accepted English practices, is both a valid Haiku when read aloud (in English), and holds meaning and even a sort of story -- even though it contains only numbers. It's quite an achievement. (Now, I know a lot of you are going to point out that the 5-7-5 syllable English rule isn't true Haiku because Japanese really uses moras rather than syllables, and this poem lacks a seasonal reference, and so on -- but you can go ahead and hash that out in the comments.)

For now, watch this clip and enjoy the clever puzzle it demonstrates. Let's also see if we can get it above its current 623 views -- this is work that demands tens of thousands!

NOTE: sound is not necessary for this one. Go ahead and watch it at work, even if you don't have speakers.

The author is apparently YouTube user blairtoo. If you see this, blairtoo, please chime in!