The Late Movies: The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Mark Arminio

The Reduced Shakespeare Company is known for performing fast-paced, quick-witted versions of famous literary works. Tonight for the late movies, here is a sampling of their work.

As a warm up, here is the first part of Romeo & Juliet.

One of my personal favorites, here is a rap about Othello.

Here is the condensed version of Macbeth.

Shakespeare had a style of finding a comedic device that worked and repeating it often. Here, the company reduces all of his comedies into one work.

And they do the same thing with the histories, presenting them as a sports contest.

Here is Titus Andronicus presented as a cooking program. A very dark cooking program.

Finally, The Reduced Shakespeare Company presented several Jeopardy! answers, which have been compiled here. Enjoy!

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