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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Maggots Force Plane Down

A US Airways flight from Atlanta to Charlotte was forced to return to Atlanta when maggots began falling on the passengers. This caused an understandable commotion, and the plane was taken back to the airport. A bag in the overhead bin was found to contain spoiled meat that was infested. The bin was cleaned and the plane took off on the flight again a half-hour later but was taken out of service in Charlotte in order to be completely fumigated.

Woman Blames Crash on Vampire

An unnamed woman in Fruita, Colorado backed her car into a canal Sunday night. She told police that she saw a vampire in the road and was so scared that she put her car into reverse and backed away, ending up in the canal.

She was not injured. Her husband arrived on the scene and took her home. Troopers do not suspect alcohol or drugs to be factors in this accident.

They added that they found no evidence of a vampire.

Police search for Leprechaun

In another part of Colorado, Boulder police were called to investigate a man dressed as a leprechaun on Thursday. Callers reported the man was acting bizarrely, jumping out between cars in front of a store and making rude gestures at people. Officers looked for leprechaun but found no one matching the description.

Juveniles Steal Train

Two boys in Nelsonville, Ohio ran away from the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center and stole a train from the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway station. The 16-year-old and 13-year-old drove the train twelve miles! Police officers, who realized the train shouldn't have been in service as the scenic railway is closed, chased the train and even tried to flag it down, but the hijacked train kept going until the older boy, who was familiar with train operation, decided to stop to avoid debris on the track. The two escapees were referred to juvenile court. Lawmakers in Ohio are looking into increased railroad yard security.

Woman Sets Office on Fire to Get Off Work

A fire broke out at the offices of Bayonet Point Oxygen of New Port Richey, Florida in May of 2009. A year later, 40-year-old Michelle Perrino pleaded guilty to starting the blaze. Co-workers began to suspect Perrino when she talked about the fire in an office meeting. She mentioned it had started in a file cabinet, a detail that had not been released to the workers. A friend of hers later told investigators that Perrino said she started the fire in order to go home from work early that day without losing pay. Perrino had tripped the main electric breaker and blocked incoming calls on the phones. She was sentenced to nine months.

Cat Burglar Dresses as Cat

A woman who dresses as a cat has robbed at least two shoe stores and a beauty shop in New York City. Last week she was recorded on video robbing the Arche store in the East Village.

During the robbery at Arche, the 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief, apparently asked the a salesperson if she likes cats and then began moving like cat woman -- even making cat sounds.

Before she pounced, police say the suspect shopped for nearly 40 minutes, before turning over a note to an employee reading, "Give me the money! I have a gun!" Police say she then fled the store with $86 in cash.

The story has links to the security video and a composite drawing of the suspect wearing her cat mask.

Donald Duck Arrested on Drug Charges

Police officers in Massillon, Ohio arrested a man named Donald Duck after he repeatedly struck the vehicle ahead of him in the drive-through line at a pizza parlor. He was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Police say Duck has a history of DUI arrests.