Help Us Decide Where to Go!

Will Pearson

mental_floss is hitting the road this Fall, and for good reason: October's going to be a big month. We're releasing a new board game and a new book within a few weeks of each other! To celebrate, we're taking The mental_floss Trivia Show to the 5 Flossiest Cities in America. But first we have to decide where we're headed. Actually, YOU have to decide.

If you think mental_floss should make a trip to your town, e-mail us at and put your town's name in the subject line (it makes it a lot easier for us to tally votes).

That's all you have to do! And if you'd like to assist in any way with the planning/promotion of the event, just let us know in your e-mail.  There will be flossy prizes involved for all those who help.

We already mentioned the possibility of an event in Birmingham, AL. Because of the terrific response from readers, Birmingham will definitely be on the list. We'll select 4 more locations, based on these e-mails, and then another 5 for the spring.

Can't wait to find out where we're headed!

Oh, and here's a sneak peek at those October releases: