Strange & Scary Stop-offs

Colin Patrick

I recently happened across an article about the Veijo Ronkkonen sculpture park - an odd tourist attraction set inside a forest in Finland where hundreds of human statues are found. Adding to the overall creepiness factor is the fact that the statues have built in speakers that play various sounds.

The article goes into greater detail:

Regarded by most as the most important ensemble of contemporary folk art in Finland, the sculpture park of Veijo Rönkkönen is a lot to take in, the first time you visit. Finding yourself surrounded by hundreds of creepy statues, grinning at you with their real human teeth, is enough to spook you into turning back as soon as you set foot in the park.

This got me thinking about a field located not far from my house that contains more than 100 large corn statues. Sure, it isn't nearly as creepy as the pictures from Veijo Ronkkonen, but it is somewhat odd - especially because the city where I live is in no way considered rural or rustic. It's been there for so long, though, that at this point I just drive on past without thinking about it.

Does your city contain some sort of scary tourist stop or kitschy artwork that you've never understood?