The Late Movies: Stars and Stripes Forever

Miss Cellania

John Philip Sousa wrote the tune we know as Stars and Stripes Forever on Christmas Day in 1896, according to his autobiography. Most Americans associate it with Independence Day more than any other holiday. As we head into a Fourth of July holiday weekend, lets get into the proper patriotic mood with a variety of renditions of that old classic, Stars and Stripes Forever.


A quartet of young women on trombones, called Bones Apart. Awesome!

Barbershop Quartet Style

By the group Delusions of Grandeur. I don't know if this rendition won them any prizes, but I hear they took home the funniest pants award. You didn't even know Stars and Stripes Forever had lyrics, did you?

Your Web-footed Friends

These are the lyrics you learned as a child, right? Same tune, different song. Sort of.

Chet Atkins

Recorded in 1978.

The Piccolo Solo

Maribeth did a wonderful job, didn't she?

Pipe Organ

Cameron Carpenter performs at Trinity Church Wall Street. As a bonus, hear music from the US Army Chorus and the US Army Strings at the church website.

Electric Guitar

By Lee Kyung Won.

Three Young Canadians

Montissimo, Matt, and Sean on one piano.


A particularly American instrument. Performed by Dominator.

Tuba Solo

From Tuba Dan.

Tubas and Hand Fart

They call themselves the Tubaknuckle Choir.

Skat Style

You don't need any instruments -in fact, you don't need to know the words- to perform Stars and Stripes Forever.

Sam the Eagle

Sam the American Eagle tries to impart some culture.