A Message for Bookstore Owners, Proprietors of Toy Stores, and People Who Run Those Mall Kiosks That Sell Games

Jason English

This is a special message for bookstore owners, proprietors of toy stores, and people who run those mall kiosks that sell board games and calendars—I need to pick your brain!

We're putting out a game called Split Decision later this year. I'm as biased as can be, but I truly think it's a lot of fun. Early feedback has been very positive. We're doing a soft launch this fall, in preparation for a bigger release at the NY Toy Fair in February, but a few major retailers have already signed on to carry the game. We obviously hope to get Split Decision on as many shelves as possible. If we have any game buyers in the audience, I'd love to get your feedback on a few things via e-mail.

If you're up for it, send me an email -- jason@mentalfloss.com. Thank you!

(And if you're not a bookstore owner, proprietor of a toy store, or a person who runs those mall kiosks that sell board games and calendars but you're related to someone who is, please pass along my note!)