What Should I Cover at Comic Con?

Jill Harness

One of the best things about being a freelance writer in San Diego is getting to cover Comic Con every year. This is my first year covering the event for mental_floss, so to make it extra special, I want you guys to help me decide the topic. I'm already writing a piece on celebrities who show up unexpectedly, and I'll be posting costume pictures on both Neatorama and my site, Rue The Day, so these topics are all off limits.

My thoughts are below, but if you've got a better idea, leave me a comment!

Possible Stories:

  • Convention fan themes (these change yearly, last year, Twilight and Alice in Wonderland were favorites)
  • Cool merchandise/art at the convention
  • Fascinating booth attractions
  • Comic Con events outside the convention (Adult Swim's Tim and Eric host a picnic every year and there are parties and concerts as well)
  • Fun fan tattoos

All right _flossers, let me know what you think. If you're going to the convention, be sure to say hello. Who knows—maybe you'll end up on the site!