Using a Lifeline: Is This a Really Stupid Quiz Idea?

Jason English

This morning I accompanied my due-in-September wife to an ultrasound. We're not finding out what we're having, a decision we feel obligated to share with every doctor, nurse, ultrasound technician, and parking attendant.

(A roommate ruined The Sixth Sense for me halfway through. I've been overcompensating ever since.)

At the first ultrasound, I couldn't tell if we were looking at a baby or a newfangled weather map. There's no chance I could have figured out the gender. But now I'm not so sure—and that's where this possibly ridiculous quiz idea came from. Would you be interested in taking (and perhaps contributing to) "Boy or Girl? The Ultrasound Quiz"?

I'd probably need people to send me ultrasound pics. We're at the "email me pictures of your unborn child" stage of our relationship, right?