The Late Movies: Zach Anner

Miss Cellania

The Oprah Winfrey Network is running an online competition, in which one winner will go on to a reality TV show which itself will be a competition in which one person will get their own TV show. Internet favorite Zach Anner had over nine million votes, but mysteriously ended the current voting round with three million, missing out on the top five. However, the people running the contest decided to let eight contestants advance anyway (Zach is in seventh place according to the new vote tally). The missing votes are causing a ripple on the 'net. Why do so many people want Zach to win? The Austin native, who has cerebral palsy ("the sexiest of the palsies"), has been making videos for several years. Watch some and make up your own mind as to whether he deserves to have his own TV show. Note: Some videos may contain a rude word or two.

The Handicapped Stall

Campus Fun

Zach Meets Dennis Quaid

Zach Anner's Crawlathon Part 1: The Tortoise and the Chair

The Audition for the Oprah Contest

Zach Responds to his Internet Fame

Interview on KEYE-TV (CBS Austin)

Zach Anner Rolls Over Austin Part I: Texas State Capitol

Zach Anner Rolls Over Austin Part II: Mt. Bonnell

Zach Anner Rolls Over Austin Part III: Keep Austin Weird Festival

Anner also had a video series called The Wingman, which you can see on his YouTube channel.