Another Contest: Secrets From Your Favorite Movies

Jason English

Last week, ESPN columnist Arash Markazi sent out a link via Twitter to a clip from Back to the Future III, a movie I've seen enough times to wear out a VHS copy. He'd just noticed something that was new to me, too. I'll let ScreenCrave set up the clip:

"Thanks to the magic of YouTube and people who have nothing but free time on their hands, one of our favorite films has been tainted forever. A fan noticed some odd behavior in one of the ending scenes of Back to the Future III that featured Doc Brown, the introduction of two little boys and one of them, well, just see for yourself"¦"

Which brings us to our next trivia contest—what's something you've picked up re-watching a favorite movie that you don't think most people caught? We're not looking for general movie trivia. The fact that a studio exec wanted to change the name of Back to the Future to Spaceman From Pluto is fantastic, but you couldn't have gotten that from watching the movie itself.

We'll award three winners special prizes from our giveaway bookshelf. I'll let you know exactly which titles you're playing for tomorrow, and I'll also announce the winners of our "Go Find Cool Historical Stock Images" challenge. Good luck!