Watercooler Ammo: The Marathon in the Hospital Hallway

Jason English

Mangesh and I have a daily newsletter (well, Monday-Thursday). Many of our subscribers were kind enough to share yesterday's edition via email, or on Facebook and Twitter. So we figured we'd post it here on the blog and hope more of you decide to allow a little Watercooler Ammo in your inbox each morning.

Did we mention he completed his marathon in a hospital hallway?

Brian was my boss when I worked at Deloitte Consulting after college. While I was obviously impressed when I first heard about his feat in 2005, I can't say I was surprised. He had a certain "If I'm diagnosed with a rare cancer, I'm not only going to beat it, I'm gonna run 144 laps in a hospital to raise $42,000 for sarcoma research" quality.

Last April, he ran a 50-mile ultramarathon with a friend, raising another $31,600 to fight sarcoma. And next weekend, he's running a 100-mile endurance event in the mountains of Vermont. As he wrote in an email, "I am attempting to win the 'Over 50, Missing One Lung Lobe' category."

Time for me to stop complaining about my strained arch.

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