Help us out! I saw on ESPN this morning that LeBron James became the sixth reigning league MVP in the four major sports to leave for another team after the season. With help from a few other _flossers, I came up with five:

1. LeBron

2. Moses Malone (left the Rockets for the Sixers after the 1981-82 season)

3. Wilt Chamberlain (left the Sixers for the Lakers after the 1967-68 season)

4. Alex Rodriguez (left the Rangers for the Yankees after the 2003 season)

5. Barry Bonds (left the Pirates for the Giants after the 1992 season)

6. ???

The first person to correctly identify #6 gets a prize from our bookshelf of giveaways.

(Update: The answer is Billy Burch. Well done, MH!)

In other contest news...

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