Twitter's Twaggies

facebooktwitterreddit is the first start-up I've ever, er, started up that's made it out of the incipient early BETA test phase and has actually brought people joy. So I thought it was high time I introduced it to you awesome _flossers. The basic idea is that we find tweets we think are funny and then illustrate them to make them (hopefully) even funnier. You know how you tag photos on Facebook? Well, here we are twagging people we like on Twitter. One of our early supporters @1surlygurl, once tweeted that we're "like Favstar meets South Park!" The Web site said, "Twaggies is definitely one of those websites that you intend to check out for five minutes, and thirty minutes later you're still laughing." And we've gotten positive tweet-back from celebrity tweeters we've twagged, like Alyssa Milano and Laura Silverman, as well.

Here's one HOT off the press!

This is one of my personal favorites, and has been quite popular on the site, too. Twagster extraordinaire,

Kiersten Essenpreis

, has a real gift for taking a tweet to the extreme.

We try to be as true to the spirit of the original tweet as possible. In this case, the author misspelled Phillip, but we kept it anyway.

Yes, lots of iPhone humor on Twaggies, as you might expect and proof that we'll twag anyone, even


from Gizmodo :-/

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