Terrible Hold Music


I know what you're thinking: What hold music isn't terrible? When I discovered the voice recorder app on my iPhone, I immediately started recording bad hold music whenever I was forced to wait for a real person to help me. Clearly, I spend a lot of my life on hold, as this short list represents only half the total I recorded over the course of the last year. I've purposely kept the names of the companies who use these recordings out of the post to protect their anonymity.

1. My call was "first in line" for, ohhhh, maybe about 20 minutes. That annoying synth string orchestra did me in by minute 2! A power drill is more pleasing to the ear.

2. Am I the only person here who is reminded of some other kind of music with this one?

3. There's nothing worse with hold music than bad loops. This is the worst one I've ever recorded.

4. This is only going to bother the musicians out there, I'm sure. Get a load of this sudden modulation out of nowhere and to what key? I had to cut off the recording abruptly to protect the company's anonymity, sorry! It just keeps modulating, trust me.

5. I'll keep this one short; otherwise you might go looking for a large mallet to knock yourself out with.

Listen to all the rest of the ones I recorded over on neatorama.com.