The Late Movies: Orchestras Go Pop

Miss Cellania

I love when classical musicians play pop songs. It gives you a whole new perspective on the song itself minus the performing personality of the original artist.

We Will Rock You

By the Japanese orchestra Ooedo No Hikeshi.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

By the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

The Final Countdown

Performed by the Latvian cello trio Melo-M and the the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra. See more rock and roll cello performances in this post.

Rude Boy

Rihanna's hit song is performed by Aston.

Whole Lotta Love

The London Symphony Orchestra did a lot of Led Zeppelin covers.


The Gnarls Barkley song is covered by violinist Jimmy Chaos. He did not use sheet music.

Poker Face

Dr. Bilderburger harmonizes with himself as a viola trio on split screens to perform Lady Gaga's hit.

James Bond Theme

With a little Mozart thrown in, performed by Igudesmen and Joo.