Tales of Mere Existence

Ransom Riggs

If you haven't seen this awesomely droll series of short animations, now's your chance. Lev Yilmaz draws, directs and narrates Tales of Mere Existence, which hilariously celebrate and enumerate the mundane trials we all go through -- most of them in our own neurotic heads. His style of animation was inspired by a 1956 film called The Mystery of Picasso in which static drawings are finished/filled in by an invisible hand (or in Lev's case, are drawn from the other side of the paper). There are many, many Tales, but these are some of my favorites.

I haven't been blogging much recently because I've been working on a book. This kind of spoke to me.

This also spoke to me, because I am tall, and what to do with my legs is an issue I wrestle with a lot.

I've had trouble sleeping lately. Unlike Lev, it's not because I'm imagining 100 different ways to die, but I can imagine that would have a dampening effect on the quality of one's sleep, too.

Lev has a lot of neuroses about the opposite sex and relationships. Then again, who doesn't?

How to break up with your girlfriend in 64 easy steps.

With unemployment rampant, this has been on a lot of people's minds lately.

I worry about how much this man worries.

For more, check out Lev's Youtube page.