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Last week the Old Spice Guy was all over YouTube, responding to tweets in some pretty funny short videos. And, of course, we had some about libraries! Check out the hilarity here:

And see a library spoof that's definitely worth your time:

Also last week, in this very column, I told you about Percy Jackson Adidas that could be yours. But maybe owning the sneakers isn't enough -- maybe you really want to BE a half-blood. Well guess what? There's a summer camp where you can pretend you are!
Upset about budget cuts at your local library? Here's a nice way to get a local government's attention -- a Read In as a protest! If you go to one, please send me pictures!
And now, for our feel-good story for this week, involving a seven-year-old boy, a lemonade stand, and a dream. A dream of a library that has Mo Willems books aplenty. Gavin was inspired to read the Elephant and Piggie books by his former librarian in North Carolina. Reader, I was that librarian, and I couldn't be prouder of Gavin! His new library is lucky to have such a family as their patrons!

Bookmobiles are always a popular topic for librarians. Here is one proud library system, Tulsa City-County, and their Bookmobile website. Click through for Bookmobile photos past, present, and .. future?
People often use libraries as platforms to advertise their beliefs. Two organizations in New Hampshire did just that, putting bookmarks in thousands of books. Um, without asking permission. The bookmarks, once discovered, were removed, but a lot more people probably know about The School Sucks Project and Freedomain Radio now.
Have you ever wondered, how on earth could someone believe that? Sometimes all it takes to understand another person's opinion is a good conversation, but how often does that happen? Well, the aim of Human Library is to foster such understanding: Users can chat with "people on loan": volunteers of diverse ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Kind of fascinating, huh? I'd love to do it in my library! Would you sign up?
A lot of folks decide to read a book based on the quotes they see on a book's cover, usually by another author. These 'blurbs' are commonplace in publishing, but do they really influence book buying? And can they sometimes be guilty of hyperbole? Yes and yes! Check out Salon's coverage of how a recent, possibly exaggerated, blurb inspired a competition to outdo the blurber.
Kids say the darnedest things! Here's one conversation with one kid who has two wacky things to say:

Boy: Are you Asian?
Me: Yes.
Boy: I could tell.
Me: How?
Boy: Your eyes.
Me: My eyes? Not my hair? Or my fingernails? Or my ears?
Boy: Your eyes. Because we're Asian too, see. [Solemnly lifts up bangs to show me his eyes.] We desperately really need the book Strega Nona. I noticed that it's supposed to be available at this library, but it's not on the shelf. I assume someone didn't put it back. Kids these days. [Rolls eyes.]
Me: Wait...how old are you?
Boy: 7.

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