This Kid Might Own Us All One Day

Colin Patrick

When I was eight, the only thing I was building were forts made out of couch cushions. I was nowhere close to building my own video games "“ as one 8-year English boy named Ross has begun doing under the name Thunder and Lightning Games.

I can't say for sure how good his game Alien Black Hole is, but how can you not try it after reading the letter on his website:

My name is Ross, I am 8 and I make games using Game Maker. My cousin made this website so that people can play my games. My first game is called Alien Black Hole. In it a black hole is trying to chase your alien. You have to get to the exit before it kills you. If you like my game, you can send me a donation to say thank you. I am saving for a laptop so I can make more games. Also I want to pay an artist to make art for my next game. If you donate £5 or more I will send you the full version of Alien Black Hole with extra levels! If you want to say what you think you can email my dad. Bye for now, Ross.

(Via Reddit)