The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Cargo Ship Turned Away Due to Spiders

The cargo ship M.V. Altavia began to offload cargo in the U.S. territory of Guam when thousands of spiders of different species emerged from the cargo. The ship was carrying supplies used to build housing for temporary workers. Agriculture officials don't know what species of spiders were swarming the ship, but they don't want to take the chance of introducing an invasive species to Guam. The M.V. Altavia had most recently ported in South Korea. The ship was told not to return to Guam.

Man Broke into Bar -and Opened It

The Valencia Club in Penryn, California had been closed for a year when 29-year-old Travis Kevie helped himself to the business. He broke in and posted a sign that the bar was open. Kevie sold drinks for four days until a newspaper article mentioned that Valencia had re-opened, which interested county detective Jim Hudson.

Not only had Detective Hudson had previous run-ins with Kevie, he knew the Valencia Club's liquor license had been surrendered.

When Detective Hudson went to the bar to investigate, he found it open for business and customers at the bar.  Kevie quickly went from behind the bar to behind bars.

Parasailing Donkey

A leisure firm in Golubitskaya on the Azov Sea launched a donkey into the air by parasail as a promotional stunt. Tourists at the beach were distressed when they heard the donkey braying as it glided in the air for half an hour. After the video was released, Russian police are investigating the matter and may file charges of animal cruelty. If convicted, those responsible may be sentenced to up to two years.

Police Led on Horse-and-Buggy Chase

Police in Leon, New York saw a horse-and-buggy run a stop sign and chased the wagon for a mile at rather low speeds. The buggy only stopped when the driver, taking a turn too fast, rolled the vehicle over. The driver then fled on foot. After a week of investigation, police arrested an Amish youth, 17-year-old Levi Detweiler, on charges of reckless endangerment, over-driving an animal, underage possession of alcohol, failure to stop at a stop sign, and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Elderly Women Receive Surprise Pot

An unnamed elderly woman in Blackman Township in Michigan received a mysterious package in the mail. She opened it and found two pounds of marijuana! She reported the package to police, who said the pot was worth about $2,400. A return address in Arizona turned out to be fake. Police believe that either the marijuana was mailed to the wrong address, or else someone had planned to steal the package from the elderly woman's mailbox.

Eighteen Monkeys in his Girdle

Authorities at the international airport in Mexico city detained a man arriving from Peru because of a strange bulge under his t-shirt. A search revealed that he had 18 tiny monkeys hidden in a girdle underneath! Only 16 of the 6-inch tall titi monkeys were still alive. Authorities arrested 38-year-old Roberto Cabrera on charges of endangered species trafficking.

Cabrera told authorities he was carrying the monkeys in a suitcase but decided to put them in his girdle "so the X-rays wouldn't hurt them."

Man Gets Livestock Citation For Ceramic Chickens

Robert Sosebee of Austell, Georgia came home to find he had been ticketed for keeping livestock in the city. But he doesn't own any chickens, except for a couple of ceramic hens decorating his lawn. Sosebee believes one of his neighbors saw the hens and reported then to authorities. The enforcement officer apparently relied on a complaint and had not looked for the chickens himself. Code enforcers later tore up the ticket.