Help Pick the Reddit/Neatorama Talent Conest Winner!

David K. Israel

You may recall me mentioning the video talent contest sponsored by our friends at Reddit and Neatorama. Well, the 14 finalists have been chosen and voting has been happening all week. Today is the last day to vote, so we thought we'd help them decide the winner.

Take a look at all 14 videos and place your vote for the best. ("Best" being defined as however you see fit. The worst? The weirdest? The one that made you giggle the most?) What's at stake? An iPad and serious bragging rights for the winner, plus lots of fun runner-up prizes for 2nd-5th place.

Here's two videos to get you started. The other 12, plus the poll to cast your vote, are found after the jump below.

Click below to cast your vote and see the other vids!

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