Now We Have Some Questions for You

Jason English

You guys give us lots of great story ideas—too many to answer them all. So I'm going to toss out some reader-submitted questions to the audience every now and again. If you know the answer, weigh in!

What's the most money anyone ever spent on a domain name? * Is it true that the X-ray conveyor belt at the airport can harm your film? I'm 16 and only remember using digital cameras, but my uncle told me you can't let airport security X-ray your film camera because your film will be exposed. Any truth to that, either now or back in the day? * Does iTunes have an all-time best-seller list? I wonder what the best-selling song is. Or album. Or TV episode. * Could you explain what the Salvation Army does? I've donated clothes to them for years but never stopped to think what it was. Is there a General? Is there a connection to the Armed Forces?

Have at it!