The Late Movies: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Chris Higgins

Note: Since we started the day with a Bill Nye fact (he invented an improved ballet shoe!), let's end it with a round-up of Bill Nye videos. Higgins first posted this last fall, but he's traveling this week.


Quicksand is just really, really wet land!


Whoa, Jerry Andress is showing off all kinds of cool stuff (see also: The Ames Window - A Bizarre Illusion).


Bill Nye explains the astronomical basis for astrology. My favorite quote: "and it did work [the sun rising behind certain constellations] -- two thousand years ago when the Babylonians made all this up." See also: Carl Sagan on astrology.


Do not, I repeat, do not attempt this demonstration at home. I sure hope they recycled those electronics properly after throwing them off the building. :)


Why do we cry? Why does Bill Nye cry? Why do we blow our noses when we cry? Why is Bill Nye getting so upset about all this?

Why Pluto Shouldn't Be Called a Planet

But "ice dwarf" just sounds like something out of Dungeons & Dragons, dude.

More Bill Nye Goodness

Go check out tons more on YouTube! Post your favorites in the comments, if you're into that sort of thing.