The Late Movies: Fun With Time Lapse

Mark Arminio

Tonight for the Late Movies, we take a look at some incredible time lapse videos—everything from a banana aging in a minute to a quick trip across the United States. Have a favorite of your own? Leave it in the comments.

Leading off tonight, here is a stop-motion clip of a walk across America.

If you liked that video, make sure you check out the behind the scenes clip.

Another fun cross country trip, this is a time lapse of a drive from LA to New York.

Watch the beauty of the seasons change. The artist set up his Canon camera to take a picture every five minutes for a year, then spliced the best ones together. Breathtaking.

While this may remind you a bit of the Michael Jackson video for "Black or White," here is a computer animation of a person aging 80 years in 40 seconds.

In this clip, we see a banana aging rapidly.

Here is another travel clip, following a cruise ship on a journey through the locks of the Panama Canal.

Finally, here is a trip in Australia from Sutton Forrest to Collector through the fog of the Outback. Enjoy!

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