The Late Movies: Fun with Zoom

Miss Cellania

We can zoom in and we can zoom out, but we can't zoom infinitely because these are videos instead of loops. But you can get the idea with a few minutes of each. Cosmic.

Zoom Out

This is the opening sequence form the Jodie Foster movie Contact.

Fractal Flight

Fractals are a math concept in which the pieces are all copies of the whole. No matter how many times you break the whole into pieces, they are copies of the whole, infinitely.

Zoom Quilt II

Go here to see the original Zoom Quilt II, which really is infinite. See Zoom Quilt as well.

Trippy Pyschedelic Wormhole Tunnel

Mandelbrot Set

The fractals of the Mandelbrot set are infinite, as it is a geometric concept and obeys the laws of conceptual mathematics instead of the laws of the natural world.

More Color, Less Music

Another colorful Mandelbrot set.

Nested Fractal Gears

With Tibetan Bell music.

Infinite Zoom

To call this "infinite" is a stretch, but it's still pretty cool!


This one zooms out, using the artwork of Istvan Banyai in the book Zoom.

Computer Recursion

Tsk, tsk, somebody is trying to divide by zero again.


Let's remember, after all, that these are videos made with special effects and video magic. No matter how much you try in real life, you can't manufacture more pixels after the fact.