Ultra Slo-Mo Lightning Strike (9,000fps)

Chris Higgins

Photographer Tom A. Warner managed to catch lightning strikes at 9,000 frames per second (that's 300x slower than realtime video). The capture is so insanely detailed that you can watch as one main band of lightning on the left strikes and stays in place while zillions of other strikes occur on the right; so much more is happening than the human eye could possible comprehend in realtime. The capture takes place in Rapid City, South Dakota, and the main strikes are hitting towers equipped with lightning rods.

If my math is right, this 1:32 video represents 0.31 seconds of actual time. (And I believe my math is correct, because you can watch a counter running at the bottom of the video, showing the tiny increments of time zipping by.)

(Via Kottke.org. See also: Slo-Mo Video: Lightning Strikes Chicago Buildings.)