The Cute Show: a Show About Cute Things

Ransom Riggs

I can usually count on for videos about prostitution in Liberia, sewer-dwellers in Bogota and mutants in Chernobyl. Lesser-known are VBS's investigations into the universe of all things cute. We all need our daily dose of cuteness, so rather than posting something about the burgeoning sport of beheadings in the ongoing Mexican narco-wars, how about we look at some adorable kitties and alpacas? Okay!!!

This Japanese woman runs a business making clothes for cats. Meet her cats and see them model clothes!

Bunnies, 30-inch-tall horses and pygmy goats -- all in the same magical house/farm!

Baby lions in South Korea. Ridiculously cute.

These special needs pets are totally inspiring -- a charming cat without eyes, a dog without use of its legs -- they all manage to be adorable, too.

You can find lots more episodes of The Cute Show by searching VBS.