A New Kind of Recipe

Ransom Riggs

The advent of tablet computers like the iPad is opening up all sorts of new possibilities for the way multimedia content is consumed. Photographer William Hereford has come up with a really nifty idea for video-based recipes using looping footage and well-laid-out typeface. I find myself using my laptop a lot when I'm in the kitchen now, and I can see this, or something like it, being a really moody and nice replacement for my current recipe-on-webpage-on-laptop-on-counter setup. Hereford says:

"My hope is to develop this video to work with tablet computers so that you could "swipe" between the vignettes instead of them playing with a rigid sequence from start to end. ... I like the idea of creating a moving image which runs on a loop or is shot over a long period of time so the media can be consumed and studied in ways a traditional film cannot."

I also think this recipe looks delectable. I just might try it!

Cooking Dinner Vol. I from William Hereford on Vimeo.

Via the picture show.