How Did You Know Leslie Jenkins?

David K. Israel

We had a lot of fun giving away daily neatorama prizes this month! We hope you enjoyed the new aspect of the game. We're taking all your feedback into consideration for the next hunt, so thanks for being active on the Facebook page. Meantime, congrats to our first place winner, Leslie Jenkins! Let's meet her now:

I'm so excited to have won this month, especially since I thought I wasn't going to make it past D3L1. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out those songs, and it's only thanks to those who posted clues on the HDYK Facebook page that I finally managed to get them all. I've only been playing HDYK since March, but the Facebook page has been an invaluable resource. I always try to give clues when I can to pay back the help that I've gotten from everyone there. I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana with my fiance and our cat, Cheese. I have a degree in English Education, but I didn't really enjoy teaching as much as I thought I would. This year I started my own wedding and portrait photography business, Lens Love Photography, and I love it more than I can say. In my spare time, I am an avid cupcake baker and film buff (only the latter of which has ever helped me when playing HDYK). I also like to play video games, cook, read, crochet amigurumi, and play killer sudoku. Thanks to everyone at HDYK and mental_floss for all their hard work. This month's game was sometimes taxing, but it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't a challenge!

Final Answer The anagram is 'conscience.'

Day 1 Challenge 1 "“ abdomen There are 13 cards of each suit in a deck of cards, and there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Therefore, it stands to reason that the cards of one suit would represent the first 13 letters, and the second suit would represent the next 13. The picture at the top shows the heart then the diamond, so I assumed that the hearts would represent A-M (ace=A, 2=B, etc.), while the diamonds would represent N-Z. From there, I just replaced each card with the appropriate letter of the alphabet to get the word "abdomen." Challenge 2 "“ colon, pancreas, stomach, liver All the words are parts of the body, like abdomen. The discarded letters add up to the following amounts: 8 (colon), 7 (pancreas), 9 (stomach) , and 1 (liver). Challenge 3 "“ Megadeth, one million deaths Rearranging the letters in "the damage" and leaving out an "a" as the clues suggested gives you the name of the band Megadeth. The prefix mega- indicates 10^6, so a Megadeath [sic] would equal one million deaths. The song they are playing in the video is "Bad Omen," which can be rearranged to spell "abdomen."

Day 2 Challenge 1 "“ The Joshua Tree The following chart shows the solution to the crossword puzzle: O F O U R A B B A B 9 B 2 4 U I 5 Y A R D N I N E S A M 2 P A C X O M A R S K I P E N X I I 5 O V E T O A C T 2 E R O T C O W S N C I 7 3 O R O C K O U P A 4 I 2 2 8 O O N L Y M The circled letters/numbers in the puzzle give the following clue: 1987 U2 album. That album is The Joshua Tree. Challenge 2 "“ Josh Baskin, Josh Leonard, Josh Gordon, Josh Brolin, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Charles Clockwise from the top, the films are Big, The Blair Witch Project, Blades of Glory, The Goonies, Bridge to Terabithia, and Dead Poets Society. In Big, Tom Hanks' character is Josh Baskin. One of the three "filmmakers" in The Blair Witch Project is Joshua "Josh" Leonard. One of the two directors of Blades of Glory was Josh Gordon. The character of Brandon Walsh in The Goonies was played by actor Josh Brolin. Actor Josh Hutcherson plays Jess Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia. Dead Poets Society features actor Josh Charles in the role of Knox Overstreet. Challenge 3 "“ Gibson, 1972 The Joshes/Joshuas are as follows: A) Josh Duhamel, B) Josh Beckett, C) Joshua Jackson, D) Capt. Joshua James, E) Josh Gracin, F) Josh Hartnett, G) Sir Joshua Reynolds, H) Josh Radnor, I) Josh Groban, and J) Josh Brolin. The puzzle is solved by placing their last names in the following locations: 1) Groban, 2) Brolin, 3) Reynolds, 4) Radnor, 5) Gracin, 6) Jackson, 7) James, 8) Duhamel, 9) Hartnett, and 10) Beckett. This gives you the letters GSIONB, which unscramble to spell Gibson. Joshua Gibson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972 (found via Wikipedia).

Day 3 Challenge 1 "“ New Jersey The five songs in order are "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen, "Such Great Heights" by Iron & Wine, "Lessons in New Jersey" by Meg & Dia, "Timberwolves at New Jersey" by Taking Back Sunday, and "Woke Up This Morning" by A3 (called Alabama 3 outside the US). The songs by Meg & Dia and Taking Back Sunday both have New Jersey in the title. Bruce Springsteen is from Long Branch, New Jersey. "Woke Up This Morning" was the theme song to the Sopranos, which was set in New Jersey. Finally, the song "Such Great Heights" has two New Jersey connections—it was featured on the Garden State soundtrack (and New Jersey is the Garden State), and it was covered by Streetlight Manifesto, who are from East Brunswick, New Jersey. Challenge 2 "“ Campbell's, New Jersey Devils, New Jersey Nets, Showboat I recognized three of the four logos, instantly: (clockwise from top left) Campbell's, New Jersey Devils, and New Jersey Nets. I thought the final image looked like a casino perhaps (knowing that Atlantic City is in New Jersey). I looked up the casinos located there, and I found Showboat. Challenge 3¬ "“ Nebraska All of the books are set in New Jersey except for The Human Stain, which is set in the more general region of New England. (I found the info about all of the novels on Wikipedia.) The first letter of each of these two words combines as NE, which is the state abbreviation for Nebraska. The three famous, American singers born on 12/12 in New Jersey were Frank Sinatra in 1915, Connie Francis in 1938, and Dionne Warwick in 1940. (Again, all of this was found through Wikipedia.)

Day 4 Challenge 1 "“ 4 After unscrambling the words, you get the following 6 phrases: 1) that ribbon of highway (from "This Land Is Your Land"), 2) from every mountainside (from "America/My Country, "˜Tis of Thee"), 3) and the rockets' red glare (from "The Star-Spangled Banner"), 4) our home and native land (from "O Canada"), 5) his truth is marching on (from "Battle Hymn of the Republic"), and 6) stuck a feather in his cap (from "Yankee Doodle"). "O Canada" is the odd song out because it is a patriotic Canadian song instead of an American one. Challenge 2 "“ The following chart shows the solution to the puzzle. CTREONK S K E L T O N VENNI PREE B L O O D C E L L PMNPNELOR C H O C O L A T E PMHSCOALC C H R I S T M A S DHSKO P R I N T COLOR S T A T E BREBRO V E L V E T CODE A B C D E H I K L M N O P R S T V ACTUAL M V S P L R D N A H O T C E I K B UNUSED ACTUAL F G J Q U W X Y Z Challenge 3 "“ God Bless America, Irving Berlin The following words complete the phrases that answer the clues (in order from the top clue, "'Old Glory'," to the bottom clue, "a goal for success with the support of our freedom"): flag, eagle, idiot, cheese, pie, gothic, express, woman, airlines, gladiators, idol, revolution, and dream. The answers to the clues go in the following order on the chart (from top to bottom): flag, dream, woman, idol, gothic, cheese, eagle, idiot, pie, airlines, gladiators, revolution, express. This means that the yellow boxes spell out the lyrics, "land that I love," from the song "God Bless America," which was written by Irving Berlin in 1918.

Day 5 Day 5 - 6395135 = SCIENCE S would be 6. 1+2 is 3, into 9 is 3. They won in 95. He wrote it in 1831, which equals 13. The anagram is conscience. The words are now, once, Elfman, ended, creature, issue, could, neat, scene and crazy.