The Late Movies: Waterslide Wipeouts

Erica Palan

Hanging out at the water park is a great way to beat the heat as the summer's temperatures rise, but take a lesson from the folks in these videos: It's not always as easy at it looks. Here are some of our favorite waterslide wipeouts.

Riding a Chair Down the Waterslide

This is not a successful experiment.

Breaking and Entering

A group of kids break into a water park and test out one of the slides. Turns out, when no one is there to grab you at the end, you just keep going ...

Waterslide Wipeout

This guy gets more than a little air when shooting out of the blue slide.

Standing Slide

One brave fellow tried to stand while sliding down the ramp. He had a pretty good run ... until he didn't.


Everything is all fun and games until one dude shoots just a little too far away from the pool.

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

A cow on a waterslide.

Thanks, America's Funniest Videos!

In case these clips haven't satiated your desire to see people fall while watersliding, here's a collection of sure-to-please videos.

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