We're Giving Away a Book a Day!

Jason English

There's a shelf in our Ohio office where we store books that would make nice prizes. That shelf is full, so I've been asked to ramp up the giveaways. August is going to be a great month for free reading material!

Each day we'll announce a new contest (starting today). Over the weekend we'll deliberate, and on Mondays we'll announce all of the previous week's winners. Then we'll start all over again.

Make sense? Good. For today's challenge, you're playing for a copy of Problem Identified (And You're Probably Not Part of the Solution) by Scott Adams.

Since it's a Dilbert book, it makes sense to make this one workplace themed. Here's the question: if you were naming the four conference rooms in the new (completely fictional) Mental Floss, LLC headquarters, what would you call them? (Bonus question: Where should we build said headquarters?)

Note: Next Monday we'll also announce the winners of our "secrets from your favorite movies" contest. Stay tuned.