The Late Movies: On Top of Mountains


What do you do when you get to the top of a mountain? Take a good look around, congratulate your buddies, and...shoot a video. Here's a collection of summit videos from YouTube, so you can see for yourself what it's like on top of various super-tall mountains.

Mount Everest

Climber Krishna Patil briefly removes her breathing apparatus to narrate a video at the top of Mount Everest, the tallest point in the world at 29,029 feet.

Mount Kilimanjaro

This is the first peak:

And here's a daytime view from the highest point in Africa (note, narration contains several fleeting expletives related to how bleeping cold it is):


Located in Nepal, Kangchenjunga is 28,169 feet high and is listed as the world's third-highest mountain. Here's a video (in Polish) of Kinga Baranowska, the first Polish woman to reach the summit, in 2009. A YouTube commenter offers this translation: "This is the Kangchenjunga's top. I dedicate this achievement to Wanda Rutkiewicz. I know she's helped me here today. I thank her very much." (Rutkiewicz died on the mountain.)


The world's fourth-highest peak; located near various other tall Himalayan peaks which are shown in the video.

Gokyo Ri

Although it doesn't make Wikipedia's highest mountains list, Gokyo Ri's summit reaches 5,357 meters. Some Australian climbers offer their perspective after reaching the top:

Mount Meru

A trio of climbers enjoy themselves at the summit of Mount Meru in Tanzania (visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day, though "only" 14,980 feet high):

Have You Climbed a Mountain?

If so, what did you do at the top? Did you feel the need to pull out a video camera?