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Tell us about your best-ever roadtrip

Ransom Riggs

Maybe it's just that we're coming into the dog-days of summer and I haven't lit out on the road yet, but I've had road trips on the brain lately. (The last one I did was about ten months ago, a photo trip I took into the deserts of California and Nevada to find some Strange Geographies for this very website -- the picture above, of California's otherworldly Mono Lake, is from that trip.) I'm looking for inspiration -- tell us about your best-ever road trip! Where did you go? Who'd you go with? What made the trip so great?

If you're looking for inspiration too, check out Lonely Planet's free roadtrip itineraries -- they're releasing one each week until the end of August. A few already-released trips are "Maine: 60 Lighthouses in 60 Hours," "Route 66: Motoring the Mother Road" (something I've always wanted to do), and "New Mexico: A Green Chile Adventure."