The Late Movies: Music Video Cameos


It's no secret that a lot of musicians want to be actors and a lot of actors want to be musicians. To that effect, tonight's Late Movies show a few of our favorite music videos featuring surprise performances and / or appearances from some amazing actors.

We lead off tonight with a personal favorite, Christopher Walken dancing (and flying!) in the Fatboy Slim video for "Weapon of Choice."

Here is Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer with a video for their cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," featuring a ton of cameos. The best, in my opinion, are Donald Faison (Turk From Scrubs) and Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) rocking it out.

One of the most famous instances of an actor in a music video may be Chevy Chase appearing alongside Paul Simon in Simon's video for "You Can Call Me Al."

In the '80s, Bruce Willis dabbled in the recording industry (The Return of Bruno anyone?). Thankfully absent his vocal stylings, this is the Gorillaz with their video for "Stylo" with a cameo from Willis.

The Lemonheads were one of the best bands at capturing the angst of the mid '90s. And what better way to highlight that angst than by filming Johnny Depp in black and white smoking cigarettes? In that vein, here is their video for "It's A Shame About Ray."

Finally, here is Elton John's video for "I Want Love" featuring Robert Downey, Jr. Suffering from substance abuse for years, this was the first post-addiction appearance for Downey. His understated delivery, the backstory and music make it a powerful video.

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