Celebrity Surprises at Comic Con


One of the reasons the San Diego Comic Con has emerged as the largest comic book convention in the world lies in the simple fact that we happen to be exceptionally close to Hollywood. After George Lucas started using the convention to promote Star Wars all the way back in 1977, other studios followed suit and now the convention is one of the best ways for fans to see their favorite stars and get inside info about new movies and television shows.

As someone who isn't that interested in celebrities, hates waiting in lines (and getting stabbed in the eye), I tend to avoid the star-studded panels. Even so, I still ended up having a few celebrity surprises of my own. On my way to one shuttle, I ended up seeing Pauly Shore:

After the convention one day, my boyfriend spotted Robert Ben Garant of The State and Reno 911 (Deputy Junior). When I interviewed Scott Thompson (to be posted next week!), he said he also saw Thomas Lennon (Lieutenant Dangle) cruising the convention as well.

I also ran into Patton Oswalt as he was sitting outside the Marriott. He was nice for posing for a photo being as tired as he was at the time.

But all of my celebrity sightings were small potatoes compared to the major shockers going on inside the panels. As you've no doubt heard, Harrison Ford arrived as a surprise guest at Universal's Cowboys and Aliens panel. This was even more of a surprise not because he was escorted on stage in handcuffs, but because in the 30+ years that Star Wars has been a huge part of the convention, Harrison Ford never once appeared before this.

Image by Trevor Stolebarger of First Kiss Productions.

During the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World panel, Michael Cera decided to fill in for co-star Cris Evans, who missed the convention to film the Captain America movie. To do so, he wore a Captain America suit loaded with fake muscles.

Image by Trevor Stolebarger of First Kiss Productions.

During the Tron panel, Guillermo del Toro announced that he would be directing a new movie based on the Haunted Mansion. Unlike the Eddie Murphy one, this 3D flick is slated to be a real horror movie.

Perhaps the biggest surprise occurred when Brad Pitt dropped by the Megamind panel with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey. People were whispering that he might drop by to promote his newest film since Angelina was at the convention promoting Salt, but they were humorously surprised to see Will Ferrell, dressed as Megamind, bring Brad Pitt on stage...in cardboard form.

Image by Trevor Stolebarger of First Kiss Productions.

Ok, I fibbed, a cardboard cut out of Brad Pitt wasn't actually the biggest shock of the convention. The moment that really sent fans in a tizzy was when the cast of the upcoming Avengers movie crashed the Marvel panel. Surprise stars included Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson.

Image by Trevor Stolebarger of First Kiss Productions.

For me though, I think the coolest surprise was the Machete Party held by Robert Rodriguez. The block party had a taco truck that was manned by Rodriguez and a dj. Some lucky party goers even got a golden ticket that allowed them to attend a Machete extended trailer screening and an after party that included free margaritas and tequila shots. In attendance was JJ Abrams and Danny Trejo.

Image by Trevor Stolebarger of First Kiss Productions.

In short, if you make it to Comic Con next year, keep your eyes open because you never know what kind of surprises to expect.