The Late Movies: Glass Music


I ran across the term crystallophone while researching the post 8 Weird and Wonderful Musical Instruments. According to Wikipedia, "A crystallophone is a musical instrument that produces sound from glass." There are quite a few different types, as you'll see in these videos.

Glass Armonica

Some Mozart, performed by Thomas Bloch.

Glass Harp

Most of us just call this instrument "wine glasses", but if you play them with a wet finger around the rim, it's a glass harp.

Water Glasses

When you tap them, it's a glockenspiel.

Glass Violin

When you play them with a bow, it's a wine glass violin!

Beer Bottles

Glass can also be a wind instrument. Witness an awesome performance by the Bowen Beer Bottle Band.

Glass Marimba


This was a college project.


The instrument on the right is a verrophone, which is like a glass harp except built just for the purpose of music in a nice sturdy frame.

The Crystal Trio

This band plays all glass! The Crystal Trio has a glass harp, glass pan flute, and a verrophone.