The Late Movies: Theme Songs Played on Tubas

Erica Palan

Nostalgia is one of the best parts of the Internet — especially when it means having easy access to your favorite theme songs. (Think back to a time when you couldn't just Google up the Perfect Strangers theme to brighten your day. How did we do it?) Here at mental_floss, though, we like to give things a little twist, so here are some beloved theme songs — on the tuba.

Super Mario Brothers Theme

YouTube user tubadylan is the man behind more than a few videos of popular tunes on tubas. But this one is my favorite!

Pink Panther Theme

This trio of players give a boisterous rendition to an old-school TV tune.

Star Wars Theme

"The Imperial March" has never sounded quite so ominous!

Family Guy Theme

Lightening it up a bit, TubaPeter performs his rendition of the introduction to Seth McFarlane's irreverent cartoon.

Benny Hill Theme

Trust me when I tell you that one viewing of this video and you'll be whistling the song all day long.

Tetris Theme

There is something oddly mesmerizing about the music from Tetris. Let's hope repeated viewings of this video don't give you that weird seeing-Tetris-when-you-close-your-eyes thing. (That's not just me, right?)

Zelda Theme

A rare female tuba player tackles her favorite video game's theme music.

The A-Team

This video is one hundred times more entertaining that the 2010 film version of The A-Team.

The Godfather

Take the gun, leave the large brass instrument!

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