Meet Kevin, the World's First Cyborg

Ransom Riggs

I know what you're thinking -- Kevin? But professor Kevin Warwick is the real deal, or as real as it gets in this early-21st-century version of cybernetics. Twelve years ago, he had a radio frequency ID implanted in his arm, and now he can turn on lights and sound alarms just by snapping his fingers (there are many such applications for this), and he once let his cybernetic wife take control of his body with her brain waves (insert old-married-couple joke here). But seriously:, who recently interviewed Kevin, explains that he doesn't want to make Terminators, he wants to make better people:

Warwick is certain that without upgrading, humans will someday fall behind the advances of the robots they're building "“ or worse. "Someday we'll switch on that machine, and we won't be able to switch it off." That might explain why he has very little technology at home, and counts The Terminator among his biggest influences. He doesn't want to become a robot; he wants to be a better human. Augmenting human ability, not transforming into an automaton, is, after all, the basis of the "cyborg."

Find out for yourself by watching the full interview below.