I am one year older than juice boxes, and like a lot of Americans my age, I grew up drinking them. (Besides being effective vehicles for juice delivery, they were made great weapons for outdoor warfare -- a carefully-aimed stomp can send the entire contents of the juice box flying in any direction you like, accompanied by a satisfying POP!) They turn 30 years old this month, having been introduced way back in 1980, and going on to enjoy remarkable success -- by 1986 juice sold in box form accounted for a fifth of the U.S. juice market. If you really feel like celebrating, the juice box company that started it all, Tetra Pak, is sponsoring a quirky contest in which fans can submit a music video for their official theme song, which might be the worst song in history, based on Pat Benetar's hit, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (seriously!) -- prizes include a year's supply of juice boxes! The contest deadline is October 31st. All the info you need is here.