Scuba Dog Digs Diving

Jill Harness

If you were a scuba diver and your dog got upset whenever you went on dives, what would you do? Personally, I'd let him deal with it or leave him at home, but that's not what professional diver Sergei Gorbunov chose to do when his little dachshund started showing serious anxiety whenever he went under the waves. Instead, he fashioned a scuba suit complete with an oxygen mask and full plastic head piece so little Boniface could come along with him.

Regardless of what you think about letting a dog scuba dive, you really should click on the link and see pictures of the pup in his scuba suit, I dare say it's even cuter than the snorkeling chihuahua picture I used for illustrative purposes above.

[Image courtesy of DarthAbraham's Flickr stream.]