The Quick 10: 10 Alfred Hitchcock Cameos


It's Friday the 13th, so I hope all of you _flossers are keeping an eye out for black cats and ladders. Fittingly, it's also Alfred Hitchcock's birthday. Long before inside jokes and Easter eggs were common in movies (I'm looking at you, Pixar), Hitch was famous for his blink-or-you'll-miss-them cameos in his own movies. Keep your eyes peeled for these 10 - I bet you can catch some of them on TV today!

1. The Birds. Just two minutes into the movie, you can see the Master of Suspense leaving a pet shop with two terriers as Tippi Hedren enters.

2. Dial M for Murder. This one's tricky. Hitch doesn't make a live appearance - he simply appears in a yearbook photo. The kicker? It's 13 minutes and 13 seconds into the movie.

3. Lifeboat. Another tricky one. The entire movie takes place on a lifeboat with nine people, so you can imagine that Hitch swimming by or perhaps parachuting in is pretty much impossible. He managed it by appearing in a newspaper ad for "Reduco Obesity Slayer."

4. Psycho. Master of Suspense or Master of Disguise? In Psycho, the director appears in a large cowboy hat outside of the office where Marion Crane works.

5. Rope. He reprises his role as "Reduco" spokesperson in Rope. Although most of the movie takes place in an apartment, you can see a neon sign from the window advertising the fake weight loss product with Hitchcock's famous profile.

6. To Catch a Thief. I like this one because it's not cleverly hidden at all. Cary Grant looks right at him kind of like we're all in on the joke.

7. North by Northwest is kind of a fun one too - Hitchcock misses a bus just as his credit on the screen rolls by.

8. Rear Window. He looks right at the audience in a way that makes people think he broke the fourth wall. It's also slightly unusual in that his cameo appears nearly 30 minutes into the movie. Although he waits that long to appear in several of his films, most of his cameos occur right away so moviegoers aren't distracted from the movie by looking for Hitch.

9. Blackmail. In one of his longest cameos, Hitchcock is pestered by a little kid for about 19 seconds.

10. The Trouble with Harry is one of my favorites - it's more of a dark comedy than the typical Hitchcock movie and it stars Shirley McClaine in her first role ever. You can catch Hitchcock walking by a stand of paintings as a man who just exited a limo is looking at them.