The Late Movies: Best of the Worst Action Movie One-Liners

Ransom Riggs

There are a million great/horrible action movies out there, all of them chock-full of ridiculous one liners, most delivered either right before or right after the hero delivers a fatal blow. This is far from an all-inclusive list of even what's available on YouTube, but nonetheless, here are some of my favorites, all dripping with 80s cheez. Warning: a few f-bombs are sprinkled throughout the following clips.

Steven Segal: "the Blood Bank"
A longtime favorite from Hard to Kill.

Batman and Robin
The Governator made a career out of cheesy one-liners in action movies. Here's a sampling of all his ice-related puns in Joel Schumacher's uniquely awful Batman and Robin, in which he plays Mr. Freeze.

Another Arnold classic.

More Arnold, for the sake of completeness.

Shoot 'em Up
Shoot 'em Up was made recently but has the DNA of an 80s action movie, and plenty of great one liners like this one:

Lethal Weapon: "diplomatic immunity"
Lest we forget Danny Glover.

Air Force One: "Get off my plane!"
If only our president came up with one-liners like these.

Troll 2
This isn't an action movie one-liner per se, but it might be the best/worst moment in a movie, ever, period, so here it is.

This was originally posted last August. Your usual Friday night projectionist Miss Cellania is on vacation. She'll be back next week.

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