Return of the Jedi - New Deleted Scene Released

Chris Higgins

Update: it appears that all YouTube versions of the clip have been removed, though there is a version available here. For now, anyway.

This past weekend, a Star Wars fan event called Star Wars Celebration V took place in Orange County, California Orlando, Florida -- basically a galaxy far, far away. The main event was the unveiling of a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi, a scene that has been known about and discussed by nerds for more than 25 years, a scene in which Darth Vader uses the Force to invite Luke to join him on the Dark Side, while Luke is busy building a new lightsaber on Tatooine. The bit with Luke is nicely done, as you'll see -- it puts a pretty different spin on his motivations during the movie. Too bad they cut it.

You've waited for this for 25 years, people. It's only 55 seconds long. Strap your nerd hats on and check it out:

(Via Daring Fireball.)