Join mental_floss at the Idea Festival!


This fall, our co-founder Will Pearson will be representing mental_floss at the Idea Festival in Louisville, which runs from September 29th through October 2nd. And he'll be doing more than shaking hands and kissing babies.

On that Friday morning (October 1st), Will's hosting The Mental Floss Trivia Show. We'll be playing several of our favorite party games, like The Pop Culture Spelling Bee and Spot the Big Fat Lie. He'll also be giving people a sneak peek at Split Decision, our fantastic new game that hits stores later this year.

(And yes, he'll shake your hand and kiss your baby.)

But our little game show is just one small part of the awesomeness that is Idea Festival. Go check out the list of presenters and events. We sent a group to this festival a couple years ago to soak up knowledge, and they're still talking about the cool people they met and presentations they witnessed.

Since mental_floss is one of the sponsors, our readers can attend the Idea Festival for the special price of $299. Click on this link and enter the discount code "Insider." (If you're a student, you can get in for $199, but you can't book your ticket online. Just call the Kentucky Center Box Office at (502) 584-7777. They'll hook you up!)

Let us know if you're going to be there!

[Note: After hearing us gush about the Idea Festival, you might ask why Mangesh and I aren't going this year. Our wives are both due to give birth on September 14th, which will keep us off the festival circuit for a while.]