The Late Movies: Siskel and Ebert Review the Worst Movies Ever

Ransom Riggs

Roger Ebert has been getting a lot of attention recently for being a fascinating and prolific Twitterer, and for continuing to review lots of movies despite having lost the ability to speak. Over the years, he and his various cohorts -- originally the late Gene Siskel, later Roeper, then A.O. Scott and others -- have reviewed seemingly every major release known to man. I wanted to see what the Grand Old Man of American movie criticism thought of such classics as Weekend at Bernie's -- and thanks to the humbling scope of YouTube's archive, I found that and much more! So enjoy Ebert's thoughts on this treasure trove of cultural crap.

Watch Siskel and Ebert dig Weekend at Bernie's a shallow grave:

Ebert calls Battlefield Earth "one of the ugliest and most incomprehensible movies I've ever seen." And yet he has so much fun reviewing it!

One of my least-favorite movies ever, Batman & Robin.

Ebert accuses Super Mario Brothers of suffering from a failure of imagination. Also, Siskel refers to the game it was based on as "dazzling" and "high-tech." Retro fun!

"If this doesn't turn out to be one of the worst movies of the year, it's gonna be a very bad year."

Kazaam is so bad, Siskel says, that it manages to "waste the comic timing of Shaq."

Another notorious film, Showgirls. Ebert spends most of the review enumerating which fleshy body parts viewers will get to see revealed.

You won't be surprised to learn that Siskel and Ebert didn't love the Ernest movies.

If you've been bemoaning the number of sequels hitting the box office recently, just remember -- it could be, and has been, worse.