Last Week's Giveaway Winners


We owe some people some books! Our jury has reached verdicts in last week's giveaways. Here's who won, what they won, and why:

Challenge: Design Baby Clothes, Win Shel Silverstein Book
Prize: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Winner: Paul
Winning Slogan: "Tabula Rasa"
(If the powers that be decide they want to use any of your slogans—and there were some great ones!—I'll be in touch.)
Challenge: Tell us an Internet First
Prize: Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices, by Michael Gelb

Winner: Martin
Winning 'First': "Gary Thuerk was the first spammer. In 1978 when only a few thousand people were on the Internet (or ARPANET at that time), he sent out an invitation to a corporate open house to 600 people at once. People were livid about his behavior." (More on Thuerk's email here.)
Challenge: Tell us about any up-and-coming artist we should know
Prize: 50 Women Artists You Should Know, by Christiane Weidemann
Winner: Stacy
Artist She Suggested: So many great options here, and we could have gone a dozen different ways, but we chose Amelia Beamish. Check out some of her work.
I'm going to hold off picking winners for the 'Number of the Day' contest until InternWill goes back to school and abdicates his Number of the Day throne. Feel free to keep those entries coming!

I'll be in touch with the winners, and we'll get back on the giveaway train tomorrow. Don't thing you're getting cheated out of free stuff just because we've skipped a few days in August. It's like extra time in soccer—we'll just tack on some contests in early September.