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People Who Will Be at the Idea Festival Besides Us

Mangesh & Jason

As we mentioned the other day, our co-founder Will Pearson will be representing mental_floss at the Idea Festival in Louisville, which runs from September 29th through October 2nd. Our own Colin Perkins may be joining Will for The Mental Floss Trivia Show on Friday morning (October 1st). For the next week, we'll be highlighting some of the other people who'll be there.

Jon Landau Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe-winning producer Jon Landau has repeatedly demonstrated a unique ability to oversee and deliver major motion pictures. He currently holds the distinction of having produced the two highest grossing movies of all-time, Avatar and Titanic. Landau combines a thorough understanding of the most complex state-of-the-art visual effects technologies and experience working with the highest caliber of talent to achieve his creative visions.

Since mental_floss is one of the Idea Festival's sponsors, our readers can attend for the special price of $299. Click on this link and enter the discount code "Insider." (If you're a student, you can get in for $199, but you can't book your ticket online. Just call the Kentucky Center Box Office at (502) 584-7777. They'll hook you up!)