Coin a New Phrase, Win a New Book

Jason English

The book we're giving away today is Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures: A History of Tobacco and Chocolate in the Atlantic World. Here's a description: "Before Columbus's fate­ful voy­age in 1492, no Euro­pean had ever seen, much less tasted, tobacco or choco­late. Ini­tially dis­missed as dry leaves and an odd Indian drink, these two com­modi­ties came to con­quer Europe on a scale unsur­passed by any other Amer­i­can resource or prod­uct. A fas­ci­nat­ing story of con­tact, explo­ration, and exchange in the Atlantic world, Sacred Gifts, Pro­fane Plea­sures traces the ways in which these two goods of the Amer­i­cas both changed and were changed by Europe."

Here's how you can win a copy:

Take any cliché from this exhaustive list at Cliché and create a new phrase to take its place. While only one of you will win the book, I promise to start working some of your new sayings into conversation.